Procedures performed with the TempSure Surgical, a powerful device by Cynosure, result in very little scarring and significantly faster healing times. With the ability to sculpt precise incisions in very thin, tension-free tissues, TempSure Surgical is the ideal choice for performing surgical applications.

The procedure is done without the use of a scalpel, delivering cleaner cuts and better wound healing.

How It Works

Radiofrequency, or RF technology, is used by the TempSure Surgical, allowing cuts and repairs to tissues to be done easily and safely during surgical procedures. Although the technology uses highly concentrated heat, it leaves the surrounding tissues unharmed. This means that the TempSure Surgical can be used practically anywhere on the body, thanks to its precision.

What To Expect

The precision of the TempSure Surgical means there is a very small risk of tissue damage. While results will vary depending on how complex the surgery is and on your condition, the device significantly decreases the change of permanent scarring and errors.