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Specializing in the diagnosis and care of pelvic floor disorders tailored to your needs

Women being treated by urogynecology doctors in Akron, OH

Akron, OH's Urogynecology Clinic

How do you know if you need a Urogynecologist?

Urogynecologists are Obstetrician Gynecologists who have spent several years of additional training to learn how to care for specific conditions that affect the pelvic floor.  Urogynecologists can treat certain conditions medically but they are also surgeons and often use minimally invasive surgical techniques to treat pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence.

Conditions we treat include:

Please check out our "Conditions We Treat" page for more information on the most common conditions that we treat as Urogynecologists.  

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What is a Urogynecologist?