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Minimally Invasive Vaginal Surgery services offered in Akron, OH

Minimally invasive vaginal surgery can solve a number of female health problems without a lengthy hospital stay. At Northeast Ohio Urogynecology in Akron, Ohio, the urogynecology and pelvic reconstructive surgery specialists use advanced techniques to perform vaginal hysterectomy, mid-urethral sling implantations, vaginal scar revisions, and many other procedures that help women reclaim their health. To schedule a consultation for minimally invasive vaginal surgery, call the office or book online today.

Minimally Invasive Vaginal Surgery Q&A

What is minimally invasive vaginal surgery?

Minimally invasive vaginal surgery is any procedure that uses either the natural vaginal opening or a combination of the vaginal opening and tiny incisions to perform repairs, removals, or reconstructions. 

Because this type of surgery is much less invasive than one long incision in your abdomen, the recovery time is generally shorter. Minimally invasive vaginal surgery also features less pain, less bleeding, a reduced risk of infection, and a lack of visible scarring. 

What types of minimally invasive vaginal surgery are available?

Northeast Ohio Urogynecology offers many different minimally invasive vaginal surgeries, including: 


Pelvic organ prolapse surgery

Pelvic organ prolapse surgery can restore the position of your pelvic organs when they drop lower than they should. Common types of pelvic organ prolapse include dropped bladder (cystocele), rectum bulging into the vagina (rectocele), and uterus bulging into the vagina (uterine prolapse). 


Vaginal hysterectomy

A vaginal hysterectomy removes your uterus. You may need a hysterectomy if you have long-term problems, including gynecological cancer, severe pelvic inflammatory disease, severe uterine fibroids, or other reproductive health issues.  


Vaginal scar revisions

A vaginal scar revision is surgery to remove a tight band of scar tissue. This can help to relieve the problem of painful intercourse, particularly when combined with MonaLisa Touch® treatments. 


Uterosacral ligament suspension

Uterosacral ligament suspension helps to re-establish vaginal support after a hysterectomy. The procedure is a native tissue repair, which means it uses your own tissue rather than a sling. 


Urethral diverticulectomy

Urethral diverticulectomy is a procedure to remove a pouch along the urethra. The pouch can fill with urine, leading to urine dribbling, recurrent infections, and other issues. The procedure cuts off the connection between the pouch and the urethra to prevent these issues.


Mid-urethral sling placement

A mid-urethral sling is a ribbon made of a mesh material. The sling holds your urethra in its proper position, which can prevent accidental urine leakage (urinary incontinence). 


Anterior and posterior repairs 

Anterior and posterior repairs correct problems within the front and back vaginal walls. These procedures can restore support in damaged areas.



A perineoplasty is a procedure to narrow the vaginal opening. Some women opt for this procedure after childbirth because it returns the vaginal opening to a smaller diameter that allows for more friction and sexual satisfaction.



Colpocleisis is a procedure to sew the vaginal walls together, shortening the vaginal canal. This surgery may be a good option for women who have pelvic organ prolapse and aren’t sexually active. 

Your Northeast Ohio Urogynecology provider can design a minimally invasive vaginal surgery for your individual needs. 

How do I prepare for minimally invasive vaginal surgery?

Northeast Ohio Urogynecology provides full preparation instructions before your procedure. Normally you need to fast for at least eight hours because you’ll have anesthesia before your surgery. 

In many cases, minimally invasive vaginal surgery is a same-day procedure, so you’ll need to arrange for a ride home ahead of time. Total recovery time can vary but is often at least a couple of weeks. 

To schedule a consultation for minimally invasive vaginal surgery, please reach out to Northeast Ohio Urogynecology in Akron, Ohio, by calling the office or book online today.